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Reef Protection International educates the public about the marine aquarium trade and promotes consumer behavior that enhances coral reef conservation.

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Reef Protection International (RPI) has conducted research on the marine aquarium trade resulting in the creation of the RPI Reef Fish Guide (for the responsible aquarium hobbyist). The goal of the RPI Reef Fish Guide program is to increase public awareness about the ethical implications of keeping coral reef fish as pets and provide those entering the hobby, as well as existing hobbyists, with the knowledge to make informed buying choices that contribute to coral reef conservation.

The RPI Reef Fish Guide was developed with the assistance and expertise of RPI’s Scientific Advisory Panel . A scientific methodology was utilized to rank popular fish species according to several categories, assigning fish into “Take it Home” (recommended) and “Keep it Wild” (avoid) lists. In addition to the support of the RPI Scientific Advisory Panel, advice and peer review has come from members of the public aquarium sector, marine scientists and others with expertise in consumer awareness campaigns.

RPI Reef Fish Guide is designed to impart a sense of responsibility and to empower consumers to make informed buying choices based on reliable information. The RPI Reef Fish Guide can be found at public aquariums, retail pet stores, trade shows, schools, the Internet and through local hobbyist clubs at monthly meetings, etc.

If you would like to order a printed version of the RPI Reef Fish Guide, please send us your request using our contact form.

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